Political Speech

Requests made by individuals seeking to promote a particular agenda are permitted on OPRAmachine. We seek to serve all political stakeholders equally. We will allow all individuals of all political persuasions to use OPRAmachine to increase the public’s understanding of public affairs in New Jersey. To that, end we are providing a limited public forum for the purposes of a robust public debate on the matters of public concern that are uncovered by the various public documents that are regularly published on the OPRAmachine.com website.

Political speech, that is the type of verbiage that is explicitly advocating for one political position over another is never permissible in requests or correspondence with public bodies. While we forbid this language in request correspondence (in an effort to keep the request submissions limited to the original purpose of the site and prevent abuse), we do provide multiple venues where individuals may express their opinions on some of the topics covered by the site.

The OPRAmachine blog, NJ OPRA Facebook group and OPRAmachine Facebook page all have open comment sections and places where community members can share their posts. These public forums are all open to political speech, debate, discussion & dialogue. We ask that all users of the site respect our view of the types of language that should be used in the OPRA requests submitted to government agencies