Request Limits

By default, users of OPRAmachine are limited to 6 requests per day. This limit on the number of OPRA requests that may be submitted by user accounts is in place to ensure that users do not abuse OPRAmachine or send vexatious requests to public authorities.

We recognize that some users may need to make more than this amount of requests per day. Therefore, if you contact us and provide justification as to why you would like us to lift the limit, we will consider increasing the amount of requests you are allowed to send per day at our discretion. We will be more likely to grant your request if your account has a history of making high-quality past requests.

If we find that you are using your account in a way that disrupts the overall operations of the OPRAmachine server infrastructure or if you repeatedly violate our terms of service, we reserve the right to limit the number of OPRA requests that can be submitted through the site using your account.