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Last updated: June 27th, 2018


The OPRAmachine Documentation ( is your destination for information on how the OPRAmachine website works, how the website’s administration decisions are made, as well as guides on how to make requests for specific types of public records under the New Jersey Open Public Records Act using the OPRAmachine transparency platform.

Help improve our documentation

We hope that this documentation will help answer some of the most common questions that we have received from requesters and records custodians. The OPRAmachine administration also aims to communicate site technical issues and outages both on this platform and on the OPRAmachine blog ( While we aim for this documentation to be as complete as possible, there may be some things we are missing.

This documentation is open source and editable using Github. If you would like to help improve the content & quality of this documentation, feel free to make changes and submit them for our consideration. Just click the Edit this page link displayed on top right of each page, and submit a pull request with your changes. Your changes will be deployed automatically when merged after review.

Your feedback

Please reach out to the documentation’s editor, Gavin Rozzi with any feedback about this documentation or suggestions on how it can be improved. Feedback may also be submitted to any other member of the OPRAmachine team for their consideration. Issues may be submitted via Github to this or any of our website repositories.


Since October, 2017, OPRAmachine has seen:
  • 35452 public records requests
  • 13772 followup messages sent
  • 5388 registered users
  • 1283 public bodies
  • 253 annotations added to requests
  • 1350 tracked requests