Making Requests

Making requests for public records with New Jersey state, local and county government agencies using OPRAmachine is easy.

Start by selecting the public authority you would like to send your OPRA request to. Please note that only New Jersey state and local governmental agencies are subject to the Open Public Records Act and its restrictions.

Not all government agencies that operate in New Jersey are subject to OPRA. The New Jersey Judiciary and Legislature are both exempt from the law, so any requests to those entities made to them would be invalid, which is why OPRAmachine does not support them. Secondly, Federal agencies, such as the FBI or DHS are not subject to OPRA. Their records can instead be accessed under the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). OPRAmachine currently only supports requests made under OPRA. A future website may be added that supports making FOIA requests using a similar interface.