Dealing With Large Files

Sometimes the response to request will require a large amount of space, such as when videos are requested. There are several ways that custodians can deal with largeFiles when responding to requests through the OPRAmachine website.

Email Attachment File Size Limits

Each new OPRA request submitted through OPRAmachine results in the generation of a unique email address. The mail ServerIs currently configured to accept emailAttachmentsUp to 100 MB in size. Please note that this limit only applies to our server, and your email provider may have smaller quotas for attachment, so caveat emptor. We encourage government users to check with their IT departments to ascertain what their server’s attachment size limit is if they want to be certain.

Consider breaking up the response into multiple email attachments

If you need to send documents that are in excess of 100 MB (or whatever your email provider’s attachment file size limit is) in response to a request, one option of doing so is to break up your response up into multiple emails, and send part of the response in each email message.

Google Drive and Dropbox

Another option to consider for sharing large volumes of files that cannot be delivered via email attachments are cloud based solutions such as Google Drive and Dropbox. These cloud solutions are easy to use and secure, which has made them popular both with consumers and the public sector. These services may be appropriate for material such as police dashboard camera footage or large amount of data in other formats.