Email Alerts

Our email alerts feature allows you to receive an email notification every time there is new activity related to the requests, public bodies or users that you follow on OPRAmachine. It is the simplest way to begin tracking OPRA requests. You can track requests made through the site without requiring you to publicly file requests under your real name, so if having your identity exposed is a concern preventing you from making a request, email alerts allow you to directly benefit from the information obtained by other people’s requests made on the OPRAmachine platform.

Tracking a specific public body

You can sign up to track a specific public body, such as a township or county, or even the requests or comments made by an individual user.

To track a public body on the site, simply navigate to that entity’s page and click the follow button. You will then have the option of confirming your request to be sent email updates about the request and response activities of that public body.

Canceling email notifications

You can unsubscribe from emailed notifications at any time you would like. Upon clicking the unsubscribe button for each alert you have signed up for, you will no longer be emailed automatic updates about that entity from OPRAmachine.