Code of Conduct

We have a code of conduct that governs user behavior on the OPRAmachine website, including the content of OPRA requests, annotations, and comment in our sponsored Facebook groups and pages. The purpose of this code of conduct is to maximize the ability of users to engage in a robust, wide open debate on matters of public concern, while also ensuring that the site administration can preserve the OPRAmachine community by creating a safe and harmonious environment for all users by equipping our administration team with the tools to moderate objectionable content that is contrary to the values expressed in this Code of Conduct or content that contravenes state and federal laws.

Members shall:

  • Refrain from posting material that violates copyright protections
  • Not use the OPRAmachine platform to harass others or intentionally violate laws
  • Not make abusive or vexatious requests, or requests which contain profane language
  • Abide by directions of site administrators and comply with their reasonable requests