Desktop Apps

OPRAmachine now has desktop applications available for Windows and Mac systems. The desktop applications provide the same functionality as the main OPRAmachine website in a new and convenient form factor.

We recommend downloading the desktop app if you frequently use OPRAmachine from your computer, as we plan to add more functionality in the future to make the experience more tailored to the needs of desktop users.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you receive a notification the the app was blocked by Windows Defender Smart Screen (such as “Windows Protected Your PC) or if you receive a security warning from Google Chrome when downloading the app, you may safely disregard the warning and allow the installation to proceed.

MAC USERS: You must allow the installation of software from unidentified developers in order to run OPRAmachine Desktop or you will receive an error message. Instructions on how to do that are located here.

Download - Mac

Download - Windows